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    David Kernot is an Australian author living in the Mid North of South Australia and when he's not writing, he's riding his Harley Davidson through the wheat, wine, and wool farming lands. He writes fantasy, science fiction, and horror, and is the author of around forty short stories in a variety of anthologies in Australia and the US, including the Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror, and Award Winning Australian Writing. David is currently working on his novel Seventeen Souls. More information can be found at http://www.davidkernot.com/?page_id=6

FREE Beam Riders story eBook

My Beam Riders story is FREE for 3 days on Amazon!!! I was hoping people could share this post. I was hoping that people could download the story and read it. What better gift than to read something FREE and spread the word? Go on, I DARE you… SHARE!


I’ve copied the summary (yes I was aiming at the romantic in us all) Down on his luck an adventurous young man, Steve Hayshot, has nothing to lose by answering a call to become a Beam Rider. But he had no idea where the journey would take him, and how his beliefs would be tested. His reward is to find love in the strangest of places.

April Moon Books nod is my first Canadian Acceptance

If you haven’t heard of them, I’m guessing you will. They are an up and coming power house of publishing in Canada. I recently received notification that my second story in my Colonel Andrew Stone, Sergeant Emerson Ash, and awesome Major Harrison Peel world (refer David Conyers for Major Peel), that I received the nod on the second in the series. The first received an Honorable Mention last week, from the Writers of the Future competition, the second is the official yes from April Moon Books, and the third is about to be published in Lovecraft eZine… not a bad innings so far. The fifth story has been accepted in the Dark Press Magazine in an anthology and was illustrated yesterday, and it looks awesome after a character mix-up where Peel was not illustrated and instead Ash was. How can I go wrong? Eight interconnected stories. A chaotic world. Monsters. Warfare. But isn’t it?

On my eBook collection front, I’ve got an awesome illustrator to commission a front cover … there will be an eBook available at some point and you are going to be quivering in your chair when you read all of them (that’s my marketing guru coming out now :). I’ve got a top collection name. For me, I’ve just had a fantastic time putting these stories together.:)

On another front, I’m hanging out for one of my science fiction stories to be released so I can let go of my latest Science Fiction Collection: Future Worlds. If the story gets accepted, I’m in a deal of hurt:(But also, it would be awesome news:)… more on that front later.

And then there’s my fantasy stuff…

Dark Region Press Publication

world war cthulhu
So, somehow I managed to get involved in writing a story with David Conyers in our Harrison Peel, Emerson Ash, Andrew Stone series of works. This one is another Peel and Ash story (the other is appearing on Lovecraft eZine soon I believe), and it marks my 4th story collaboration with David. Although, as I write this we are penning another in the same dark Military Science Fiction genre that for me will see as the eighth in a collaborative collection. I am producing. More news on pending publication acceptances here in the same genre:)
I’m thrilled to have done another story with David, and to have been accepted by two great editors, Brian Sammons and Glynn Barass, for inclusion in the Dark Regions Press collection that has some of the top contemporary mythos writers in it!

I’ll keep you posted on publication dates.

New acceptance from AntipodeanSF

I’ve got a publication coming out next month – it’s 500 words which is the normal size for Australia’s GREAT little eZine AnitipodeanSF. I like submitting short stories there because writing short is harder than you might think and it’s good for the brain, and I ALWAYS write weird science – stuff that you need to research on the web to get the whole picture (unless of course you’re one of THOSE people we don’t like to speak about). Anyway, the GREAT thing about AntipodeanSF is that it stores that and every month’s stories on a government server for eternity as you are contributing to the cultural aspects of Australia, but better still is that they ALWAYS do an audio version for those folk who have problems reading (or like to listen while they drive). I’ve done a few recordings, but I have to say I cringe at the sound of my own voice.

NEWS: I just got another acceptance with them: but this is a little different. I asked if I could submit a 2,000 word story, and was given approval for it to be considered… well, you guessed it, today I found that I am IN! This March for Issue 189 I have a Space Opera piece that is ‘riddled’ with ripping science. Got to love Nuke for his support and for putting out an awesome eZine!

So how is that? 22 days into 2014 and I already have 3 publications. That’s ONE short of 50 since I decided to write shorts, but who’s counting.

Getting up at 5, or 6 AM this week to write before work to progress the fantasy novel edits. The novel is coming on great and I am really enjoying reading and editing something I wrote 10 years ago when I did not have a clue how to write. It’s RAW, but good in ways I hadn’t imagined.

Keep writing, I am!

Fantasy: The Kingdom of Isalde… an update.

A month ago I adopted the life of a writer: but only for the duration of my holidays. Sadly, they end tonight. However, I have managed to pen 2 ½ new stories, and I kept 11 other stories in circulation. I’ve received 2 unofficial acceptances in 2014, so it’s a great start to the year. I got up every day at the crack of dawn and wrote every morning for 3 or 4 (or 5) hours, mainly I edited one of my three fantasy novels I wrote 10 years ago that started me writing. I’ve had a blast. I haven’t made a cent as yet, but I feel richer for the process, and isn’t that all that matters?

Novel 1 of The Kingdom of Islade: Pilgrim of Silt Tor: was 144,000 words, and I’ve edited more than 50,000 words, a third of it. I have 94,000 words to go. Yesterday for whatever reason I signed up at home to have it all done and begin editing Book 2 by the beginning of April… that’s eight weeks… I’m sure I can do it. It’s about 1680 words a day or 11,750 a week:)Excuse me while I panic!