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    David Kernot is an Australian author living in the Mid North of South Australia and when he's not writing, he's riding his Harley Davidson through the wheat, wine, and wool farming lands. He writes contemporary fantasy, science fiction, and horror, and is the author of over fifty short stories in a variety of anthologies in Australia, the US, and Canada, including the Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror (2011, 2013), and Award Winning Australian Writing (2012). David is currently working on his novel Seventeen Souls. More information can be found at http://www.davidkernot.com/?page_id=6

I had a 1200 word story published in AntipodeanSF (I’ve mentioned it earlier) but Nuke sent me my very own story cover page for their 200th (17 year) celebratory issue. How cool is that? So I thought I’d post it. The original work was designed by artist: “DasWortgewand”… I hope I can say that is Reimund Bertrams. Google him and chase down his work.


And here is the new AntipodeanSF logo (I think it’s cool!):rocket-crux-300

I’m getting in early in many ways. To start with I’ve had a short story of mine published in Issue 199 of the iconic Australian publication Antipodean SF. It’s called The Day Jupiter Burned It’s a hard science fiction themed piece which is in my usual weird style. I make no apologies there.

The other news, and I’ve copied this from their site is the awesome news about what is up and coming in Issue 200, 17th Anniversary Issue, and I have to say that I am pleased to be in the company of so many talented authors (from http://www.antisf.com.au/ionospherics/1512-ionospherics-199) …

Well done Nuke!

…feast, rest and prepare your mind for the ascendence of Issue 200…

Coming In Issue 200, 17th Anniversary Issue

Two stories from each author — one from each author specially written for Issue 200, plus re-publication of their first story to appear in AntiSF.

From Mark Webb
Authentic Empathy and Shipwrecked (Issue 163)

From Sean Williams
A Giant Leap For A Man and The Goggle (Issue 65)

From Shaun A. Saunders
The Meat From The Butcher and The Best Things In Life (Issue 93)

From Edwina Harvey
Where The Last Humans Went and Party (Issue 1)

From Martin Livings
Closer To God and Sweetheart (Issue 35)

From Rob Bleckly
Real Virtuality & Trojans (Issue 7)

From Kathryn Flaherty
When No One Remembers and Welcome (Issue 107)

From Liz Heldmann
Masses to Masses and Inspiration (Issue 10 – as Liz Martin)

From Christine Gladstone
Devils and What If (Issue 163)

From Michael T Schaper
The Kangaroos of Sicily and Three Sacred Turtles (Issue 99)

From Simon Petrie
Insecure Alternation and The Elder (Issue 107)

From David Kernot
When Hope Is All You Have and Wedding Dress (Issue 108)

From Tony Owens
The Return Of The Were Bat and The Curse Of The Were Bat (Issue 160)

From David Scholes
Social Experiment and The Visit (Issue 131)

From DW Walker
Chlorophyll Haven and Corporate Body (Issue 174)

From Derek Smith
Resurrection and Always (Issue 27)

From Kevin J. Phyland
Acquired Distaste and Curing Cancer (Issue 133)

From Paul Sheringham
Chorus and Bloodletting (Issue 94)

From Wes Parish
Does Whatever… and The Sacrament Of The Sharing Of Prey (Issue 72)

From Tom Grayhorse
One More Deja Againand Grubber (Issue 190)

From PS Cottier
A lively discussion over the merits of flash fiction and The Croupier Retires (Issue 160)

It’s an amazing thing to be selected for inclusion into The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror collection by Ticonderoga Publications. Without a doubt Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene do an awesome job at picking the finest stories that were published that year out of all the stories published by Australian and New Zealand authors for their anthology. But to be included twice is beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. I was in the 2011 issue with a story I co-wrote with David Conyers, Winds of Nzambi, and now I find myself blessed by appearing in their 2013 release with my Harry’s Dead Poodle story. I LOVE the professionalism of both Liz and Talie… I had no idea until Ticonderoga Publications emailed me with the good news. I have a copy of the 2011 hardback, and I can tell you that it is slick. I am buying a hardcover for my collection because it is so well produced (and yes because my story is in it).

The 28 stories included are:

Lee Battersby, “Disciple of the Torrent”, Tales of Australia: Great Southern Land
Deborah Biancotti, “All the Lost Ones”, Exotic Gothic 5 Vol I
Trudi Canavan, “Camp Follower”, Fearsome Journeys
Robert G. Cook, “Glasskin”, Review of Australian Fiction Vol 5 #6
Rowena Cory Daniells, “The Ways of the Wyrding Women”, One Small Step
Terry Dowling, “The Sleepover”, Exotic Gothic 5 Vol II
Thoraiya Dyer, “After Hours”, Asymmetry
Marion Halligan, “A Castle in Toorak”, Griffith Review #42
Dmetri Kakmi, “The Boy by the Gate”, The New Gothic
David Kernot, “Harry’s Dead Poodle”, Cover of Darkness Magazine
Margo Lanagan, “Black Swan Event”, Griffith Review #42
S.G. Larner, “Poppies”, Aurealis #65
Martin Livings, “La Mort d’un Roturer”, This is How You Die
Kirstyn McDermott, “Caution: Contains Small Parts”, Caution: Contains Small Parts
Claire McKenna, “The Ninety Two”, Next
C.S. McMullen, “The Nest”, Nightmare Magazine
Juliet Marillier, “By Bone-Light “, Prickle Moon
David Thomas Moore, “Old Souls”, The Book of the Dead
Faith Mudge, “The Oblivion Box”, Dreaming of Djinn
Ryan O’Neill, “Sticks and Stones”, The Great Unknown
Angela Rega, “Almost Beautiful”, Next
Tansy Rayner Roberts, “The Raven and Her Victory”, Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allan Poe
Nicky Rowlands, “On the Wall”, Next
Carol Ryles, “The Silence of Clockwork”, Conflux 9 Convention Programme
Angela Slatter, “Flight”, Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales
Anna Tambour, “Bowfin Island”, Caledonia Dreamin’
Kaaron Warren, “Born and Bread”, Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales
Janeen Webb, “Hell is Where the Heart is”, Next

I’d encourage you to buy a copy too, and tell me what you think of my story:)

Here is the link to Ticonderoga Publications: http://ticonderogapublications.com/index.php/our-books/181-the-year-s-best-australian-fantasy-and-horror/the-years-best-fantasy-a-horror-2013

In October 2008 I joined the Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (ASIM). I’ve served on the good ship for almost 6 years (as the swabbie – cleaning space barnacles off Andromeda’s hull, emptying sick bags, and the like) and along the way I’ve done a number of things: read slush, proof reading, stepped up to help others when their issue turned pair-shape, award nominations, database management for subscribers and the cooperative, eSubs delivery, web site management, and contracts. I’ve also edited three of my own issues (Issue 43/52/59) and been assistant editor for two others (The ASIM Hivemind Issue 50, The ASIM Hivemind Ten Year Issue 56). It’s been a blast! It’s been hard work too. Hard at times. Fun.

Funny that some people think it’s my real job, and not something I do to promote short stories. I’m sure that people would be surprised to find that to be part of ASIM, if selected worthy, there is a mandatory annual fee to help keep the magazine alive and contribute to author story payments. So not only do the team work their guts out for free… they pay to do it! Only in Australia ☺ But it works! The ASIM team is relentless… selfless!

If your name is here, then thank you for gracing one of my issues with your story, and also I am pleased to have played a part of your journey as a writer or poet and hope that I helped in some small way with your journey.

Check out the list: 46 or so stories by 44 authors, and 8 poems from 7 poets.

Illegal by Pete Aldin. Midnight Rhino by Brenda Anderson. That Which We Believe by Steve Cameron. The Real Deal by Gitte Christensen. The Unseen Truths by Liz Colter. Emergency Rebuild by David Conyers. The Masked Messenger by David Conyers. Zombie Dreams by Peter Cooper. Thief of Tears by Jason Crowe. Long Hot Wait by Laura DeHaan. Salvage Yard by Preston Dennett. Enter a Human by Preston Dennett. When It Was Ripe by Evan Dicken. From Little Things by Felicity Dowker. The Undying Fans of an Unknown Cover Band by Nicky Drayden. The Masked Messenger by John Goodrich. Debtors by Sharon J Gochenour. The Prize by Carine Heidmann. Illegal by Kevin Ikenberry. Wonder in Alice Land by Linda Jenner. Undine Love by Kathleen Jennings. Love As You Find It by Margaret Karmazin. The Sylvian Gambit by Barry Kirawan. First, Do No Harm (Unless They’re Zombies) by Rachel Kolar. Golden Years in the Paleozoic by Ken Liu. Fairy Gothic by Tracie McBride. Speed of Darkness by GR McLeod. Endless Summer by Jessica Meadows. I am Nano by Sean Monaghan. Blue ICE by Charlotte Nash. Vivienne by Natalie Nikolovski. What if the Aliens are Tasty? by Nicholas P Oakley. Ronnie Linton, High School Flame by Dominik J Parisien. Taking Over by Felicity Pilman. The Last Resort by LK Pinaire. Instructions for Lighting Candles by Martin A. Reed. Across the Fourth Sea by JJ Roth. By the Banks of the Nabarra by Daniel I. Russell. Nobody Messes With Venus by Daniel I Russell. Alecia in the Mechwurn by Michael Shone. Star by Aimee Smith. Unravelling by David Steffen. A Routine Diplomatic Incident by Ray Tabler. The Painted City by David Tallerman. A Twist Too Far by David Tallerman. Eternal Youth by Melanie Typaldos. Scars that Let the Light Shine Through by Victorya. Taking Care by Pam Wallace.

Ever See a Movie You Just Can’t Get Enough Of? by Tom Byers. The Zombie Haiku by Caitlene Cooke. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Singer by Jack Horne. My Naked Hand by Helen Patrice. Annihilation by James Frederick William Rowe. City of Clay by Alexandra Seidel. Broken Towers by Alexandra Seidel. Higg’s Boson by Don Webb.

Thank you again, I’ve loved every one of your stories, or I can say without any claim that I would not have picked it! Thank you for making my 6 year journey wonderful… but now I’ve got stories of my own to tell…

My Beam Riders story is FREE for 3 days on Amazon!!! I was hoping people could share this post. I was hoping that people could download the story and read it. What better gift than to read something FREE and spread the word? Go on, I DARE you… SHARE!


I’ve copied the summary (yes I was aiming at the romantic in us all) Down on his luck an adventurous young man, Steve Hayshot, has nothing to lose by answering a call to become a Beam Rider. But he had no idea where the journey would take him, and how his beliefs would be tested. His reward is to find love in the strangest of places.